History - Top 6 - Halloween Blizzard

BURRRR! The Number Four Rockvam Story is: What were you doing for Halloween 26 years ago? If you’re like most Minnesotan’s you were just getting ready a storm like no other… in fact it is one of those “where were you when it happened moments” – you remember it. Here’s the boat yard’s story. People used to boat on Lake Minnetonka, well into November. I mean, if you started boating after 1991, you probably look at the November open water and no buoys with bewilderment. Let’s just sum up the story as… the water temperature went from 46 degrees on Friday to 6” of ice on Monday. Absolutely unheard of!

We had 40 boats freeze in the lake. In fact, we needed to start the engines at the docks to ensure that the prop wash would keep the water from freezing around the docks. Then to pull out a boat on the launching ramp involved a truck with a trailer attached by chains to a forklift at the top of the ramp… the ramp was too icy to drive on! Not to mention when the boat did get out of the water, there was 30” of snow to plow to get the boat to where ever it needed to go!

Annnnd... it just started snowing, hard.

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