History - Top 6 - The Curse of National Marina Day

Coming in at number two for the all time Rockvam Stories is:

Four months ago you heard a collective sigh around the boat yard, “Ahhhhhh the curse of National Marina Day is broken”. You may laugh and ask “how can an event be cursed?” – OH, it can be. It started with our 2003 event. We had a great day planned, and were just moving tables into place when Roxanne’s (my) ankle found a hole in the front yard. It didn’t break, but man it was a mess. However, we did win a national award for our event… 2003 Best Local Political Advocacy!

So, you may be wondering how we consider National Marina Day cursed… OK, let’s explore the 2004 event. This is the event that ended ALL National Marina Day events… until 2017.
Coming off our win of 2003 we were planning a very cool event for 2004… complete with a tent full of bargains on new tubes, etc.

The forecast was for rain overnight. No big deal, well… “rain” turned into 50 MPH straight line winds that destroyed the tent, blew out our phone system, and left us without power to open our overhead warehouse doors. At that time we had carpeting on our pontoon boats. To avoid the hassle of vacuuming them dry we would put the pontoons in our warehouse to keep out of the rain. Well, we couldn’t open the big door, we couldn’t launch the boats, and we didn’t have a phone system to tell rental customers there would be a delay… so we quickly had 80 people ready to go boating and the toons were stuck in the warehouse! We finally got the override on the door working, we brought the forklift out, and I’m not kidding, first launch of the day, the forklift took a swim into the lake. In the process of it’s unintended dive, it wiped out the launching dock, but that seemed to be the least of our worries. Needless to say, that was the end of National Marina Day… until this summer.

Lexie did a fantastic job coordinating the 2017 event right down to the bobber themed water display! More about this year’s event in our next post… hang tight… because you’re going to want to stick around for the Number One Rockvam Story! It’s PRETTY COOL…

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