History - Top 6 - Warehouse 4 Construction

The number three Rockvam story is: Twenty years ago we tore down our old house and replaced it with Warehouse 4. This was a carefully choreographed logistical move by Joyce. Does anyone remember visiting us during construction? We used our office in Warehouse 2 as our headquarters. Here’s the crazy part… we did not take one photo! But inside the temporary office we had Jerry’s desk and two more office desks, we had a cooler for soda/deli express, a microwave, the file cabinets, copy machine… typewriters, printers, we essentially had the entire office and restroom tucked into ONE RACK of the warehouse. And I still can’t believe we didn’t take a photo, clearly this was before social media was around!

The project lasted from November of 1997 to March of 1998. The “old store” that was in the lower level of our home and was the size of the front counter area in our new store. Yes, the entire old store fit within the counter area of the new store. If you go to Jerry’s office, you are actually experiencing the view from our old dining room!

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