Boating is a "one of a kind" recreation.  There is the athletic aspect of tubing and skiing.  Then there is the social aspect with dining and friends.  You create memories with family.  And then there's the beauty of the environment, surrounding you. 

There's one thing that our marina has unlike no other, and that's the most amazing sunsets.   After all, Rockvam Boat Yards.  is located on Sunset Drive and there's a reason our road earn this name.  Join our email alert below to receive photos of our sunsets.  Some times it might be a few days in a row, at other times it might be a week in between.  We like to control a lot of things around the marina, but the sunsets are something we have to just wait to inspire us... that's when we take  photo.  Sometimes they're golden, at other times it's deep purple or fuchsia, we have fireballs,  and still others are the sweetest pink lemonade you'll ever drink with your eyes.  They are as different as they are beautiful, but the one common theme is... they never disappoint. 
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Amazing Sunsets!
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